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Recent numbers released by Nielsen Media Research show that there are over 160 million Internet users in the United States. That means that over 50 percent of the U.S. population uses the Web; and according to a national poll by The Hotline, nearly 50 percent of likely voters consider themselves "heavy" Internet users. The Internet is a valuable tool that will inexpensively and quickly help you reach prospective voters, mobilize supporters, and increase those all-important contributions.


Unlike a printed brochure, if changes need to be made, a Web site can be updated in hours and does not require recreating the entire Web site. Web site content can also be easily tailored to address new issues that come up or different opponents as you move from the primary to the general election.



    Your constituents will look to the internet for information about you.

    It is cost effective: e-mail is cheaper that direct mail.

    You can support your campaign with online fundraising. You can target your audiences.

    Your message is available 24 hours a day.

    People who use the internet are more likely to vote.

    Political web sites are oriented towards positive campaigning, not mud-slinging.

    Your competition is considering it, beat them to the punch...


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